Lori Naylor BSc, RSW, RelPsych (Dip), Member CAPT

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. " Nelson Mandela

Welcome! I want to start by acknowledging how difficult it is to begin the process of seeking psychotherapy. Change is hard. I congratulate you on making this step.

My training is in psychology, trauma, addictions and body centered approaches to healing. I am trained in relational psychotherapy, and work in a way that allows the client and therapist to utilize the therapeutic connection to "unpack" problems together in a supportive, understanding environment. Curiosity, creativity and humour are important features in the way I work with people.

As a member of the Ontario College of Social Workers I am permitted to provide psychotherapy services. I have been a counselor/therapist since 1983, working in a variety of community, hospital and residential settings, providing both in-depth psychotherapy and brief dynamic therapy. Through the years I have had the opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of people, including youth, incarcerated women, recent immigrants, homeless people, health professionals, social service providers and families in crisis. I have been in private practice since 1996.

Working with survivors of trauma has been a major focus of my career. The impact of boundary betrayals is immense and can be pervasive through out our lives. Long-standing issues of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship difficulties and compulsive behaviours can result. But happily, working through these issues with a trusted therapist can be life changing.

I worked for a number of years as a therapist in sexual assault centres, both hospital and community based, and feel privileged to offer help to men, women and children who have experienced violence in their lives.

Additionally, I have focused my work in the area of substance use, misuse, and addiction, especially in conjunction with trauma issues. I am pleased to offer assessment and referrals as well as in-depth psychotherapy in this area.

Clinical Supervision/Consultation for Psychotherapists, Social Workers and other Clinicians

According to the standards of the regulating body for social workers in Ontario, it is up to each member of the College to ensure that "(as) part of maintaining competence and acquiring skills in social work or social service work practice ... (they) engage in the process of self review and evaluation of their practice and seek consultation when appropriate" (Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, Second Edition 2008). This kind of quality assurance is essential to our therapy work.

Having practiced in the field for over 30 years, I have found new energy and renewed passion through "passing the torch" to younger and developing therapists. I am an adjunct faculty member of the York University School of Social Work and the Social Service program at Centennial College. In addition, I provide clinical supervision and consultation at several community clinics and agencies.

I provide individual clinical support/supervision/consultation, for private practice, agency staff and therapists and counsellors in training. Some of my clients have been able to access professional development funding through their employers for this purpose.

Perhaps most importantly, I am very interested in helping prevent and minimize the impact of vicarious trauma and secondary traumatization to therapists in the field, and this theme weaves throughout the clinical support that I provide. Helping workers to maintain their own physical/emotional/mental/spiritual balance and sustain themselves throughout their careers is very important to me. Recently, for example, I was hired to provide training at the annual conference of Coroners and Pathologists of Ontario, who are beginning to recognize and address the psychological impact of this work on their clinical staff.

I would be happy to discuss your clinical supervision needs and see if I am a good fit to provide clinical support to you.

In 2005, I took a scuba diving trip to Mexico, to a favorite place I have visited before. In October of that year, the coral reefs were devastated by the world's first "Level 5" hurricane. As I dove down to the reefs, I was afraid of what I would see. What I saw took me through a range of emotions that I hadn't previously experienced as a diver, or a therapist.

My sadness at seeing the destruction of the beautiful coral was enormous. It was like visiting a graveyard. My heart longed for the splendor of the spectacular coral formations and exquisite plant and animal life of previous trips. I grieved the loss of "my" paradise. But, as I swam on through the still cloudy waters, a different emotion emerged. Although it had been only four months since the hurricane, I began to notice re-growth.

Surprisingly, the magnificent giant eagle rays chose to continue to call this reef their home. The plant life had already begun to regenerate, the coral was repairing itself in places, and the fish and turtles remained! I began to have a renewed appreciation for the resilience and capacity for adaptation and healing that nature was showing me. It was inspiring. I have since been back twice to see "my" reefs, and have been continually amazed by the ongoing adaptation and growth that has occurred in the wake of the trauma.

Returning to my therapy work, this new appreciation has remained with me. I have a deepened admiration for the resilience, adaptability and inner strengths of the people I work with. Even through the worst trauma and adversity, the potential for growth and healing inspires me. I feel honoured to be able to witness and support you on your way to healing, through life transitions and to your fullest potential for growth and development.

I work from a convenient office easily within reach from the TTC (Queen streetcar, via Dufferin subway), at Queen and Dufferin. I also work online with clients, via Skype or VOIP.

Please take the opportunity to have a look at a new book to which I have contributed as a writer, called Highs and Lows, Canadian Perspectives on Women and Substance Use at this link.

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