Gui Mansilla MDiv, RP, Member CAPT


I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. I remember somebody saying that therapy is just for crazy people and therapists are only interested in money and creating dependency to rip people off forever.

I needed to overcome these and other false belief systems in order to find the support that would eventually help me achieve a life I can be proud of. I found a therapist who was able to help me find my way towards independence.

At a very young age I knew that something was going wrong with my world. The world itself seemed unstable, and when I was eight my family fell apart too, throwing my mother, my brother and me into the hardest time of my life.

Having suffered in our broken home, and being aware of the injustice in the world, I wanted to do everything in my power to help others so they would not suffer as I did. In that quest I chose the law as my tool. At the age of twenty-three I finished a Master's degree in Criminal Law.

After some years, disappointed with what the law could do to ease suffering, I decided to come back to my heart, and investigate what was there for me. The only way to better the world was to heal myself. The change that I was looking for needed to happen at the level of my own consciousness. All my decisions originated from deep inside me. I realized that if I could experience my interconnectedness with others, I would be able to create my own reality and not see myself as a victim.

I started a search for the self I wanted to become and in the process have had the privilege to work with some great therapists and artists in the work. I travelled the world testing my knowledge and learning. Enhancing my awareness was a key to healing.

After years of training and personal therapy I achieved a Master in Divinity, specializing in spiritual counselling and peace-making, and I was granted a Diploma at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. My role in the world has become clear. I was called to awaken to the wholeness of who I am and to my deep interconnection with all things. If I could do this for myself, I might become an "awakener" for other fellow beings. And that's what I have done, and doing.

I followed my heart to Toronto where I married; we are about to give birth to our first child. And here in the most multicultural city of the world I find myself developing my practice in my second language, English. Spanish is my first language, and I also understand some Portuguese, Italian and French.

I have been creating a current reality that respects who I am now, and who I am continuing to become. I can support you in your own quest to create your reality as you want it to be. I can guide you and provide you with tools so you can bring into awareness the life that you wish to experience.

What does this mean for you? Do you want to mould the life of your dreams, re-establish your self esteem or recover the playfulness that will make your life joyful? Do you wish to re-discover what you need and meet your birth right for happiness, fulfilment and love not just for yourself but for your fellow beings as well?

I practice at a small modern clinic in the West End where I work individually and with colleagues. The clinic bridges Western and Eastern traditions using the best of each in a holistic approach.

My main training has been in Gestalt, and I also provide additional modalities in psychotherapy and body work. I also offer on-line, phone and email alternatives for those who cannot come to my office for matters of distance, time or physical challenges.

I would be honoured to use my diverse training and deep knowledge about self-growth to be a part of your journey of healing. I have listed the areas I mostly work with under my photo, including anxiety, sold-esteem, stress, trauma, post-traumatic stress, brief dynamic, couples, addictions, inner child, on-line therapy with Skype or VOIP and phone therapy.

Please feel free to contact me and to set up a free consultation at my office in the West End. Here's a map.

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