Code of Ethics

Respect for Difference
We respect and honour the individual dignity, worth, and freedom of choice of every person with whom we work.
We endeavour to listen to what is said and left unsaid, and to understand your values, beliefs and attitudes.
We empathize with your feelings and thoughts to the best of our ability.
Best Interest
Your best interest is our primary professional concern.
We do not enlist or use your abilities, specific expertise, or cooperation for our own social, personal, or financial benefit. This includes not sending unsolicited commercial e-mail.
We respect your personal boundaries. We avoid all forms of sexual expression, be it overt or covert, including speech, gesture or behaviour.
Privacy & Confidentiality
We maintain your privacy and confidentiality. Unless you have explicitly asked to have it disclosed for your own reasons, any information you provide will be disclosed only when we are required by law to do so.
Honesty Integrity & Openness
We conduct our individual professional practices with honesty, integrity, and openness. We make no false claims about any aspect of our training, abilities, experience or skills as therapists.
Commitment to Learning
We are committed to our own personal and professional development.
Administrative Openness
Within free consultations and any paid sessions we will address and discuss with you as required all administrative arrangements, including fees, cancellations, and other expectations such as the length of the work required.

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