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Don Warrington BA, MTC

"We all need a path to guide us, not from here to there, but from here to here". - Jakus Kwong

No matter what personal circumstances you are struggling with right now, either as an individual, a couple, or a family you have the capacity to heal, strengthen, and realize the changes in your life that you most desire.

If you are feeling anxious, afraid, frustrated, confused, hurt, ashamed, guilty, disheartened, or even numb, or if you are in turmoil and chaos and feeling overwhelmed, I offer a safe, gentle and effective way to find relief, gain clarity, restore your personal wholeness, and foster connection: within your self, with your partner or in your family.

Like the difference between looking at the night sky with your naked eye versus seeing through the lens of a telescope, my approach will help you sense your life with added perspective, freedom and understanding.

Psychotherapy is a process that offers a space in which your feelings no matter how unsettled they may feel can be safely expressed, and will be heard and respected. It is a natural and lasting pathway toward finding the joy, connection and fulfillment that you really, really want.

From within a relationship of trust, acceptance, care and support for who we are in the world, right now, opens an opportunity for the difficult life circumstances and relationships we find our selves in, to be sorted out only from a place where we fully trust and feel supported can our real concerns be understood and the hurts we've experienced be mended.

Sometimes finding a healing perspective without support, can be very difficult, or feel impossible. The nearness to our own situation, to our partner in a couple or marriage or to our family unit, can be just too close to reveal a reliable path toward resolution.

My approach is a process of discovering fresh patterns of knowing that open new unforeseen possibilities for your life.

It is a pathway available to everyone who takes the first step to begin a natural instinctive process, which will successfully help you heal anxiety, release frustrations, gain clarity, nurture connection, and actualize dreams.

My Training

I have diverse training in many areas of psychotherapy that I can offer when appropriate to your needs. That training began with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from Rollins College in Florida, as well as a Masters degree in Therapeutic Counseling (MTC). I trained in clinical psychotherapy at the Integral Healing Centre in Toronto under John Went. The three main modalities of therapy in this program were Bioenergetics, Energy Healing and Client Centered talk therapy. I have also trained in Holotropic Therapy with Stanislav Grof, Relational Couples Therapy with Terry Real, Mindfulness and Psychodrama with Madeleine Byrnes and Native Healing with Donato Cianci and Andrew Blake.

For more information please contact me. I welcome any questions you might have and look forward to meeting you. Here's a map to my office. Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

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